Workshop: Elm from Scratch – Rob Ashton 

Developers spending any amount of time in Javascript eventually find a way to work with/around it – either via elaborate frameworks or rigid development practises to minimise the effects of the numerous pitfalls present within that ecosystem.

Attempts have been made to create languages that compile into JS but often these languages are either too close the original language or just another clone of an external language that doesn’t really bring anything new to the table.

Elm is one of the few ”compile to JS” languages that seems to have bypassed these problems entirely by looking at UI development as a domain that could do with a platform built explicitly for that purpose. By taking well established patterns from frameworks such as React and functional ecosystems like Haskell and applying a pragmatic approach to their implementation, the result is not only a platform that tends to reduce runtime bugs towards zero but that is also a joy to work with.

In this workshop, we aim to take developers who are used to working with Javascript and get them leaving confident that they could start working with Elm immediately. We will look at not only the basic tools and language constructs but cover real-world scenarios such as interop with legacy code and componentising large code bases.

While this will be a day of functional programming, there will be no mentions of monadic or commutative operations, nothing but practical and tangible real-world code that can be used immediately and with powerful effect from the next day.


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