DevSum - The Party!

When the last session of day one is finished the big party awaits! There will be food, drinks, music and activities. The party is a really good way to end a perfect day and to talk about all the cool things you have learned at the first day of the conference! Want to attend? Click here to RSVP, no later than 23th of May. See you in the bar!

Stop! Robotics-time!

Join One Agency for a fun time during DevSum The Party on the 8th of June where we challenge you to compete with Sumo-Robots! We’ll start off with a workshop so you and your teammates get a grip of the programming of the robots and get some info regarding the sensors functionality. When that´s settled you’ll get to make your mark with some detail pimping of your robots and then – it’s competition time! The great finale will take time after dinner where your teams only mission is to push the other robot out of the ring in a string of games – but there can only be one winner! Maybe it’s you?

Limited (free) tickets – sign up to come join the fun (or maybe the most serious event of a lifetime to all you competitive ones out there!).

Sign up here!

Since you need to have a ticket to DevSum17 to attend The Party, you can book it here:

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