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Simon Brown

Simon Brown



Simon is an independent consultant specializing in software architecture, and the author of ”Software Architecture for Developers” (a developer-friendly guide to software architecture, technical leadership and the balance with agility). He’s also the creator of the C4 software architecture model and the founder of Structurizr, which is a collection of open source and commercial tooling to help software teams visualise, document and explore their software architecture.

Session: Software architecture for developers

The agile and software craftsmanship movements are helping to push up the quality of the software systems that we build. Together they are helping us to deliver better software within the typical time and budgetary constraints that most of us have. But there’s more we can do because even a small amount of software architecture can help prevent many of the problems that projects still face, particularly if the team seems to be more chaotic than they are self-organising. Successful software projects aren’t just about good code and sometimes you need to step away from the IDE for a few moments to see the bigger picture. This session is about that bigger picture and is aimed at software developers that want to learn more about software architecture, technical leadership and the balance with agility. Join us for a guide to software architecture on modern software projects that’s pragmatic rather than academic and lightweight rather than ”enterprisey”.

Workshop: The art of visualising software architecture

A consistent, shared vision is essential in order for teams to push in the same direction, but it’s surprising that many teams struggle to effectively communicate the architecture of the software they are building. This hands-on workshop is aimed at those involved in the software development process and is about creating software architecture diagrams that actually make sense. Read more about the workshop

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