Scott Allen

Scott Allen



Scott Allen is the founder of OdeToCode and has over 25 years of experience in commercial software development. He’s created over 40 courses in the Pluralsight library, covering topics from C#, ASP.NET Core, Microsoft Azure, and more.

Session: An Opinionated Approach to ASP.NET Core

Improve the architecture, design, and code inside your ASP.NET Core applications with an opinionated approach to ASP.NET Core. This talk includes a number of tips for structuring code, as well as projects and solutions. We’ll talk about common pitfalls in developing with ASP.NET Core, and see a number of useful tools and patterns to help with feature development as well as testing.

Workshop: Deep Dive into ASP.NET Core

ASP.NET Core is Microsoft’s new cross-platform framework for building web applications and services. In this workshop, we’ll see how to build web applications and web services, as well as how to test and deploy our projects. Along the way we’ll discuss architectural styles, best practices, JavaScript services, as well as tips and tricks to make you and your team productive in ASP.NET Core.

I.               Getting Started

  1. Command Line Tools
  2. Project Structure
  3. Application Configuration

II.               Startup and Middleware

  1. The Role of Middleware
  2. Creating Custom Middleware
  3. Using Microsoft Middleware

III.              Routing and Controllers

  1. Creating custom routes
  2. Working with controllers
  3. Building HTTP APIs
  4. Models and HTML Forms
  5. Models, view models, and entities
  6. Validations
  7. Design patterns for business logic
  8. Entity Framework Core
  9. Setup and Tools
  10. Migrations
  11. Working with DBContext
  12. In-memory integration testing
  13. Razor
  14. Working with Razor Pages
  15. Working with Razor Views

VII.            Authentication and Authorization

  1. Authentication middleware
  2. Working with OpenID Connect
  3. Working with Policies

VIII.           Front End Frameworks and ASP.NET Core

  1. Working with Node and npm
  2. Using ASP.NET Core JavaScript Services
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