Rob Ashton

Rob Ashton

Rob Ashton



Rob is an ex-enterprise .NET consultant and has the scars to show for it – however for the last three years he has been working with a small (distributed) remote team as a full time Erlang+Elm developer in the media streaming industry. Primarily residing in Glasgow and trying to resist the temptation to live on a diet of deep fried mars bars and whisky, he has over the last year also become a part time barista and helps to run high end specialty coffee services at his favourite tech conferences around the world.

Session: A real world introduction to Elm

For the last year or so our company has been exclusively using Elm to build our front-end applications and with this decision we have had a complete cessation of run-time errors being reported across those applications.

This wasn’t hard but there was a small learning curve involved and some decisions that we made and regretted along the way.

This will be a fast-paced session where we dive right into Elm as a platform and move rapidly over the ”how to get started” before covering some of the ways we scale it up across our larger applications and keep our development load down so we can focus on features rather than the underlying technology.

We will also cover the common libraries and patterns that we’ve established the usage of so attendees can get a real feel of what our Real World Applications look like when we’re using Elm.