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Rabeb Othmani

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Rabeb is a developer advocate at Nexmo focusing on cloud communication APIs and helping developers getting the best experience possible when building their apps. All of this while consuming good quality coffee, obviously! Other than writing code for a living, Rabeb advocates to bring more women and minorities into tech, thus her involvement with Women Who Code and different tech communities. She is leading the Women Who Code Network in Bristol.’

Session: Welcome to the age of conversational interfaces

In the age of conversational interfaces, users are increasingly expecting to interact with applications in a flexible and contextualized way. They also expect to interact with the app via multiple communication channels such as SMS, voice and lately bots. In this talk, we will go through programmable and contextualised communications, why it’s a key element of apps development in the present and future? We will also learn how to add feature rich communications capabilities to your apps using Microsoft Bot Framework and Nexmo SMS and Voice APIs.

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