Oscar Utbult

Oscar Utbult

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Oscar is a software developer at Cygni. He’s worked with both AWS and Terraform, and also used them for private projects. Using Terraform he’s built multiple serverless solutions on AWS and thinks it’s been a great experience. He’s passionate about making work more productive and fun, and thinks cloud adoption has great potential to help improve both. He lives in Gothenburg with his girlfriend Sara and Finnish Lapphund named Java.

Session: Introduction to Terraform – Infrastructure as Code for fun and profit!

This presentation will teach how to write and deploy cloud infrastructure with Terraform. We start of by shortly discussing how infrastructure as code can help you, how Terraform works in practice and some common mistakes to avoid. For the demonstrations we’re going to use AWS as target, but Terraform works with most cloud providers such as Azure, Google Cloud, OpenStack and more. Welcome!

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

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