Lovisa Åblad

Lovisa Åblad

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Lovisa Åblad is certified in scrum methodologies and works as a manager of software maintenance at Lernia. She has a long experience of the requirement and ordering process in the IT industry with a specialization within web and communication projects. Lovisa is driven by the possibilities of developing the maintenance of web applications using agile methodologies.

Session: How we built one of Sweden’s largest websites in work & education with Peter Örneholm

Lessons learned from combining Agile and Azure at Lernia.se

Working agile is the new black, but in reality large organizations tend to fall back to a traditional waterfall based approach when looking at aspects like project management, budgets and delivery schedules. Despite a history of other methods the team building the new lernia.se managed to work according to Scrum and deliver a public facing beta faster than ever before.

In this session the product owner and the architect will share their experience of how agile methods in combination with Microsoft Azure worked out to get value to the market in a rapid pace and by doing so saving money. You will get insight into methodology as well as choice of technology and how service such as App Service, CDN, SendGrid and Application Insights was used to deliver the right thing right on time.

Level: Beginner