Klara Ward

Klara Ward

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Klara is a principal developer in the Java Mission Control team at Oracle, coding GUIs and hacking the build system. She has been working with Java/JRockit Mission Control and the JRockit JVM since 2002. If you ask a question on the Mission Control forum or on StackOverflow, chances are Klara will give you an answer.

Session: Mission Possible – Near zero overhead profiling for Java

Java Flight Recorder is a low overhead profiling tool built into the Oracle JDK. It is possible to turn on whenever you wish to investigate the behavior of your Java application, the data is then analyzed in Java Mission Control. It is designed for production time usage, but it also useful during development. JDK 9 includes a new supported API for creating your own events, and for controlling the JFR engine. JMC 6 includes a redesign GUI and automated analysis, which can be extended with your own heuristics and executed in JMC or headless. Both JFR and JMC are currently in the process of being open sourced.