Emil Cardell

Emil Cardell

Emil Cardell



Emil is a holistic web developer. He loves everything that surrounds development. Everything. From the craft of writing code, technology and platforms to processes and systems. To the most important of all, the people behind it. From the first line of code to an application running in production. From small side projects to some of the largest websites in Sweden.

If you don’t find him in front of a screen or hanging out with his kids you’ll find him swimming and running outside in the beautiful archipelagos in Sweden. He is a self-employed consultant working under the name Humble Creatures.

Session: The day you became self-reliant. A story of the self-employment developer

Some of us possess it. The feeling that maybe I’m better off on my own. Doing my own thing, my own way.

This session will explore the different aspects of being a self-employed developer. Everything from reasons why you want to take the first steps. How you have to view risks in a new way. To what kind of support systems are out there. You are not alone. We’ll go through common pitfalls. What you need to know about economics and what comes after the first gig.
I’ll be sharing stories, thoughts and fears on becoming self-employed. My hope is you’ll leave inspired and get a better understanding of your value in the world of business.