Dino Esposito

Dino Esposito

Dino Esposito


Since 2003, Dino has been the voice of Microsoft Press to Web developers and the author of many popular books on ASP.NET and software architecture. In particular, Dino authored “Architecting Applications for the Enterprise” with fellow MVP Andrea Saltarello in 2015 and “Modern Web Development” in 2016 and has “Programming ASP.NET Core” in the works for 2017. When not training, Dino serves as the CTO of Crionet—a fast growing firm that specializes in Web and mobile solutions for the world of professional sports.

Session: The new house of ASP.NET: Host, Middleware, Pipeline, DI infrastructure

In ASP.NET Core any incoming requests ends up being managed by a controller class, but quite a few things can happen along the way. In particular, each request passes through a pipeline of components that are conceptually very close to the HTTP modules of the classic ASP.NET runtime environment. The pipeline is known as middleware and provides an API for your components to inspect or modify request and response payloads to pursue a specific business goal. In this talk, we’ll review the ASP.NET Core middleware API, go through a couple of examples and discuss use-cases and issues you may face while porting HTTP modules to ASP.NET Core middleware components.


Workshop: Pragmatic DDD: From Domain Modeling to Microservices

Domain-driven design (DDD) is too often mistaken for just having an object-oriented model that mimics the behavior of the business domain. Not that having such a model is wrong or out of place; it’s just that there’s much more than that in DDD.

DDD is primarily a method for understanding and managing the complexity of monumentally large and rich domains. In similar situations, a faithful domain model is not just appropriate but a true lifesaver. In all other (more common) situations, the value of DDD lies elsewhere and overall DDD is much closer to the idea of microservices and CQRS than domain modeling and O/RM frameworks. Read more

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