Cecilia Wirén

Cecilia Wirén

Cecilia Wirén



Cecilia Wirén is Front End Desktop Developer that works for Active Solution. She’s a Microsoft MVP in the area Visual Studio. With a passion for XAML and a great interest for UX she selects the projects with the most challenge in that area, ending up many time in WPF projects. What she doesn’t know about XAML is not worth knowing. She is also a community leader as one of the co-organizer for Swenug, Sweden’s biggest .net user group.

Cecilia has recently find herself being obsessed with board games and participate in game evenings as frequently as possible.

Session: Boost your productivity with Visual Studio 2017

For Visual Studio’s 20th anniversary, Microsoft have done some major changes about how Visual Studio is composed and installed. There are also many small and smart changes. Visual Studio also includes c#7, the latest version of c#. Join this session to get up to speed with the changes and improvements and I promise you that you want to do the switch. Once you go VS2017 you don’t want to go back!

Level: Intermediate