Billy Hollis

Billy Hollis

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Billy Hollis is a UX designer and application developer from Nashville, Tennessee. He leads a team with a worldwide reputation for designing and developing innovative, compelling user experiences. He has written many books and articles, and speaks at conferences around the world on user experience, design thinking, and native application technologies. Billy also spends time onsite for companies of all sizes, teaching teams about UX design, and collaborating with them on designing a new generation of their application.

Session: Take the Tests: Can You Evaluate Good and Bad Designs?

One of the best ways to learn design concepts is to look at real world examples – both good and bad – and understand what makes them tick. During this session, you’ll examine some real world examples of good and bad designs in web sites, mobile apps, and desktop applications. For each one, you’ll be challenged to evaluate its effectiveness, and find its flaws and good points. You’ll then hear how your analysis compares to other attendees and with the presenter, developer-turned-designer Billy Hollis.

Workshop: Developer’s Introduction to UX Design

If you create views, screens, or web pages for your users, then like it or not, you are doing UX design. Why not learn to do it better? Billy Hollis leads a team of developer/designers who have created some of the most innovative and world class business apps of the last ten years. In this hands-on workshop, he will lead you through the most important principles of good UX design, show many examples of good and bad user experiences, and teach you a lightweight process to do your own UX design via user observation and sketching design ideas. You’ll spend about a third of the day in hands-on exercises, some alone and some with small teams of attendees. You won’t become a professional designer in a day, but you will almost certainly return to your team with a list of ideas and techniques for creating better experiences for your own users.

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