Anders Abel

Anders Abel

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Anders Abel is an independent senior .NET developer in Stockholm. He has been programming since he was 9 and still thinks it’s tremendously fun. With experiences ranging from assembly and C to authentication solutions in modern .NET web applications Anders is a relentless learner that always takes the chance to get to know more. He regularly shares his knowledge as a speaker, at Stack Overflow, on his blog Passion for Coding, is an active Open Source Maintainer and a Microsoft MVP.

Session: Authentication and Authorization in ASP.NET Core 2.0

A modern web application is no longer the html-generated-on-the-server thing we’ve been used to. There’s client side JavaScript that calls backend REST APIs, sometimes mixed with server-generated content. All of this is bundled in one application and all of this need to be secured. And the users of course expect to be able to use their existing social or corporate accounts (not another password please!)

ASP.NET Core was born to handle this. And the 2.0 release comes with an improved authentication model. Combined with the powerful Authorization tools, all the building blocks needed are there. When several applications need to provide a seamless experience working together, the open source IdentityServer4 can provide centralized authentication and connectivity to upstream social and corporate providers using different protocols.

Level: Intermediate

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