More sessions to be announced during spring. 

Alan Smith: Durable-Functions, Actors, Singletons, Micro-Services & Orchestration

Alex Theedom: Java EE 8: What’s New

Alon Fliess: Past, Present & Future of C# Debugging

Amanda Sopkin: Code Reviews: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Anders Abel: Authentication and Authorization in ASP.NET Core 2.0

Andreas Wänqvist: Web the Easy Way – The AAA Stack

Bart de Smet: Quantum computing 101 with Q#

Billy Hollis: Get your head in the cloud (Keynote)

Brian Holt: 10KB or Bust: The Delicate Power of Webpack and Babel

Brian Vermeer: Ten common mistakes made in Functional Java

Chris Klug: Front-end web development in 2018 for Microsoft developers

Christian Wenz: Web Application Security: Browsers Fight Back!

Damian Brady: Doing DevOps as a Politically-Powerless Developer

Dan Wahlin: Integrating Angular with ASP.NET Core RESTful Services

Daron Yöndem: What comes after your first function in Serverless?

Dylan Beattie: From NT4 to .NET Core: The Future of Legacy Code

Elton Stoneman: Why Containers Will Take Over the World

Ewelina Kurasz: Business Analysts – do we really need them?

Fredrik Mörk: The photographic image – not actually a UX talk

Gill Cleeren: Building a mobile enterprise application with Xamarin.Forms, Docker, MVVM and .NET Core

Hadi Hariri: What can Kotlin do for me?

Hannah Fry:Being human (Keynote)

Herther Downing: Impostor syndrome: Overcoming self-doubt in success

Ibon Landa Martin: The power of IoT devices: Managing time-series data

Ivar Grimstad: MicroProfile – New and Noteworthy

Jakob Ehn: Introduction to Azure Container Services and Kubernetes

James Montemagno: Xamarin: The future of app development

Jesper Wilhelmsson: OpenJDK development – How to contribute

Jessica Engström: The future is lazy 

Jimmy Engström: Holo world – Create your first HoloLens app with Unity

Johan Lindfors: How to be a game developer leveraging the skills I have!

Kasey Uhlenhut: What’s New in Visual Studio for C# Developers

Kasey Uhlenhut: NET Code Style: Code Your Way

Kevlin Henney: SOLID Deconstruction

Lovisa Åblad: How we built one of Sweden’s largest websites in work & education with Peter Örneholm

Maarten Balliauw: Approaches to application request throttling

Marcus Walter: Technology, structure and culture – the sweetness of Candy Crush

Mark Michaelis: Essential C# 8.0

Michael Green: Deep probabilistic programming – The road to smarter AI

Michael Herkommer: Docker Essentials Distilled

Mikael Håkansson: Don’t fail your IoT project: IoT lessons-learned optimizing energy consumption at Vattenfall (CIO & DEV) with Mikael Söderström

Mikael Söderström: Don’t fail your IoT project: IoT lessons-learned optimizing energy consumption at Vattenfall (CIO & DEV) with Mikael Håkansson

Mike Martin: Enter The Matrix: Securing Azure’s assets

Nik Molnar: Untangling Production Monitoring

Oscar Utbult: Introduction to Terraform – Infrastructure as Code for fun and profit!

Peter Örneholm: How we built one of Sweden’s largest websites in work & education with Lovisa Åblad

Pinal Dave: Indexes – the Unsung heroes of SQL Server

Rabeb Othmani: Welcome to the age of conversational interfaces

Rachel Appel: Write Object-Oriented JavaScript with TypeScript

Robert Boedigheimer: Encrypting the Web

Robert Folkesson: Cosmos DB – a globally distributed database in many shapes

Rodrigo Diaz Concha: Lifting and Shifting Legacy Web Services to Microservices in Azure Service Fabric

Ronald Harmsen: Building resilient micro-services with Azure Service Fabric

Sam Bellen: You might not need a native app for this!

Scott Allen: An Opinionated Approach to ASP.NET Core

Scott Brady: Secure Authorization for your Printer – The OAuth Device Flow

Scott McAllister: Why loop in JavaScript when you can map, reduce or filter?

Sebastian Nilsson: Vue: The framework you maybe already knew

Simon Brown: Maps, travel guides and source code

Simon Maple: Common Vulnerabilities you wish your Application didn’t have!

Simon Ritter: JDK 9 Mission Accomplished: What Next For Java 

Simon Ritter: JDK 9 and 10: Pitfalls For The Unwary

Tess Ferrandez: A Developers Guide to Machine Learning

Tim Huckaby: Artificial Intelligence: The “Eyes” of Computer Vision (Keynote)

Tomáš Herceg: Selenium UI tests on a real project

Vicenç García: Operational Serverless, the basics