More sessions to be announced during spring. 

Adam Granicz – Full-stack + Functional + Reactive = Awesome .NET Web Applications 

Adam Tornhill – Functional Programming in Production

Alan Smith – Azure Service Fabric Reliable Actors

Alex Lakatos – DevTools Deep Dive with Firefox

Alexandra West – A Visual Thinking Warm-up

Ali Kheyrollahi – Microservice Architecture at ASOS

Ashley Grant – Coming Attractions in JavaScript

Barry O’Reilly – Antifragile: Designing the Systems of the Future

Brian Noyes – Connect All The Things with Azure Service Bus, Notification Hubs, Event Hubs, and IoT Hubs

Brock Allen – Securing Web APIs from JavaScript/SPA Applications

Cecilia Wirén – Boost your productivity with Visual Studio 2017

Chander Dhall – UI, API, Server Side: Discover my secrets of success

Chris Klug – Aurelia vs “just Angular” a.k.a “the framework formerly known as Angular 2”

Chris Woodruff – Electron: Desktop Development for Web Developers

Craig Berntson – Software Gardening

Darrel Miller – OpenAPI v3 – The Evolution of API Descriptions

David Giard – Adding Image and Voice Intelligence to Your Apps with Microsoft Cognitive Services

David Laribee – Legendary Adventures in Legacy Code

David Vujic – You might (not) need a JavaScript framework

Dylan Beattie – Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of APIness : The Secret to Happy Code

Elton Stoneman – The Velvet Revolution: Dockerizing Legacy ASP.NET Apps

Emil Cardell – The day you became self-reliant. A story of the self-employment developer

Erik Bennerhult – Privacy by Design –  real-world examples from the fintech industry

Filip Ekberg – Back to Basics: Efficient Async and Await

Gill Cleeren – An introduction to cross-platform development with Xamarin

Hadi Hariri – Rider Tips and Tricks

Ibon Landa Martin – Continuous Delivery with VSTS

Jaime González García – From Idea to Reality in under 50 minutes

Jakob Ehn – Test Automation – The key to continuous delivery

Jessica Engström – There’s a Hologram in my UI!

Jimmy Bogard – Compositional UIs – the Microservices Last Mile

Johan Öbrink – Everyone wants change – noone wants to change

Karl-Henrik ”KH” Nilsson – IoT is a business revolution not a technology revolution

Kevlin Henney – Seven Ineffective Coding Habits of Many Programmers

Lars Klint – HoloLens Development: The Next Steps

Laurent Bugnion – HoloLens 101: First experiences with holographic computing

Maarten Balliauw – What is going on? Tips and tricks around application diagnostics on Azure

Markus Egger – The State of .NET

Matthew Renze – Clean Architecture: Patterns, Practices, and Principles

Michael Herkommer – Progressive Web Apps hands-on explained!

Miguel Castro – Building AngularJS Component-Based Applications

Peter Örneholm – ARM Templates – The key to consistent environments in Azure

Rachel Appel – Architectures of Control

René Schulte – Seizing the Mixed Reality Revolution –  Lessons Learned

Rob Ashton –  A real world introduction to Elm

Robert Boedigheimer – Debugging Your Website with Fiddler and Chrome Developer Tools

Robert Luciani – Adding Deep Learning to your Arsenal

Roger Johansson – Composing Software – Avoiding the distributed monolith

Ronald Harmsen – Full stack DDD with ASP.NET core and Angular 2

Sahil Malik – AngularJS2 with Microsoft Graph and AzureAD

Sam Elamin – So what exactly is Big Data and what is the fuss all about?

Sasha Goldshtein – Case Studies – Investigating Production Issues in the Field

Shawn Wildermuth – Unity3D: Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality 

Sebastian Nilsson – Aurelia -There’s a Standard for That

Simon Brown – Software architecture for developers

Staffan Nöteberg – Monotasking – From Procrastination to Productivity

Tess Ferrandez-Norlander – My bot has a personality disorder