Keynotes 2018

Can’t wait for DevSum19? Check out 2018 year’s recorded keynotes. 

Keynote Day 1: Get your head in the cloud – Billy Hollis

Cloud platforms such as Azure and AWS are still in their early adoption phase. Businesses are finding ways to use cloud technology, but the emphasis is on the built-in scalability and distributed nature of the cloud. This will evolve in the next few years as familiarity builds and cloud infrastructure improves. In this session, Billy Hollis brings out his crystal ball and explains the six parts of cloud technology that will fuel extraordinary innovation in business apps, including three that don’t exist yet! Come get an entertaining take on how to think about current app development will evolve with the changes cloud technologies will bring.

Billy Hollis is a UX designer and application developer from Nashville, Tennessee. He leads a team with a worldwide reputation for designing and developing innovative, compelling user experiences. He has written many books and articles, and speaks at conferences around the world on user experience, design thinking, and native application technologies. Billy also spends time onsite for companies of all sizes, teaching teams about UX design, and collaborating with them on designing a new generation of their application.

Keynote Day 2: Artificial Intelligence: The “Eyes” of Computer Vision – Tim Huckaby

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to be the most beautiful Technology every invented. Nevertheless, we are just on the cusp of this huge wave of AI innovation. We are AI technology pioneers. With existing solved problems in Artificial Intelligence and many more to come, we have the bold responsibility to amplify human ingenuity and solve some of the world’s most difficult problems.

How is Computer vision, machine learning, and mixed reality designed into innovative software built on the latest and greatest emerging experiences?

Join Tim Huckaby in a demo heavy keynote focused on the power of Computer Vision: Designing, developing, and putting interactive AI solutions into production.

Tim Huckaby is an industry luminary focused on AI, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, AR/MR, & Emerging User Experiences. Mr. Huckaby has over 35 years of technology experience including serving on a server product team as a development lead on an architecture team at Microsoft.  Mr. Huckaby worked on some famous and not so famous Microsoft Server products in the late nineties.  Mr. Huckaby is a Microsoft Global RD, a Microsoft MVP and serves on many councils and boards like the Microsoft Application Development Partner Advisory Council.